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Hello there, I'm Muhammed

I love coding and I like to see the result of my code on the screen. Which I can create a website, Make it responsive to fit all screens and manipulate all parts of the site. So, I specialized in front-end web development because I found it the best career fits my personality. My passion drove me to learn a lot of skills in my field. Like: HTML, CSS, Javascript, react.js and many more of awesome skills, Which help me in my career. So, now, in industry, this passion remains with me. There is certainly more to learn, more challenges to finish, and more to build...

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I build the front-end portion of websites and web applications, and during the work I focus more on these things below.

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this is a list of my tech related skills, and human communication languages that I can speak.

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this is a collection of my work I've done, some were for clients and some for practice.

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